For Patients

When doctors choose LoneStar Ambulatory Surgery Center, they know we offer numerous advantages to ensure their patient’s best outcome. Our staff includes experienced, certified nurses and technicians with exceptional outpatient-focused training in adult and pediatric surgeries. Each LoneStar nurse is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certified.

The level of comfort and patient-focused care we provide is not at all like a medical facility. You’ll quickly discover our environment is unusually open, inviting, soothing, and family-friendly. We’ve designed it so arrivals and exits are more private and less stressful. And not only is our staff exceptionally trained, they’ve earned a solid reputation across Dallas/Fort Worth for being extremely personable in the care they provide.

If you have any questions about LoneStar Ambulatory Surgery Center, please ask your doctor who can tell you more. We do not discriminate. View our policy.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

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